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Diamonds on Main • Stillwater, MN • Trusted Jewelers since 1985


Diamonds on Main - YOU can own a masterpiece diamond from Antwerp


ANTWERP, BELGUIM, the Diamond Capital of the World, is world-renowned for its multi-billion dollar marketplace of diamonds of every size, shape and color.  These fabulous gems are hand-crafted by the finest old world diamond cutters found anywhere! Amazingly, diamonds are cut by hand through the generational expertise of these masters. Every aspect of proportion and precision faceting is determined by visual evaluation alone! Absolutely awesome!

Because of the many visits to the Antwerp diamond cutting facilities, we have learned how essential diamond proportion is to its breathtakingly brilliant fire.  Fire is comprised of tiny flecks of purple, blue, yellow, orange, red, and green – the flash of rainbow colors reflected from a perfectly proportioned gem.

Diamonds on Main - YOU can own a masterpiece diamond from Antwerp

How you can own a masterpiece?

It would be our pleasure to act as your diamond buying advocate. We are able to hand select a gem that transcends a grading report to evaluating those nuances of quality that will make a diamond dance, and offer best value.

Often , people ask if buying a diamond online offers better value than a jewelry store. In response, I always ask these questions:

  1. Do you feel confident that you can evaluate the information on the grading report and how it affects the stone's visual appearance and beauty, not to mention its value?
  2. Is the gem lab issuing the report accurate in its representation?  How will you know?
  3. What is your assurance that the stone matches the weight and quality represented in the report?

With the rampant use of fake certificates containing false information, is sending your hard-earned money to an unknown destination to buy a stone sight unseen the best or wisest decision? Without the ability to see, touch, and compare diamonds in person, buying online can be a risky business. Remember what your Mama used to say? "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!"

No diamond dealer in the world would buy a diamond sight unseen. 

We are the eyes and the hands you can trust with your diamond purchase.

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